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Banky W shows off his recovery stitches from surgeries he underwent for his cancer treatment.

Nigerian actor, musician and founder of Empire Mates Entertainment Bankole Wellington has opened up about his battle against cancer.

The singer had been away for some time, treating a rare form of skin cancer which resurfaced again after they first appeared over 10 years ago.

To imagine that Banky W kept this battle away from the public until now, kept many off his fans wondering.

Banky W

The artist revealed that he has undergone three successful surgeries to remove tumours from his shoulder, the last of which was carried out in October.

He put up a post on Instagram showing pictures of his surgery scars.

He wrote:

“A wise man once said this: “Scars. A sign that you had been hurt. A sign that you had been healed.” Scroll through the pictures to see mine.

Banky W and wife on recovery bed

I’m sharing these because they’re proof of what God has brought me through. And because somewhere out there, I know there’s someone who needs to hear this.

For those who’ve been wondering why I’ve been away so long..I had my 3rd surgery on a rare strain of skin cancer tumours in my shoulder last month. The first 2 times were over 10 yrs ago, then it recently resurfaced. But this isn’t a sad story as much as it is a reminder and a testimony.

A reminder that you should never take life for granted. You only get 1 shot. Some people went to sleep and never woke up. Many others have lost the battle to cancer and other illnesses. Many are still fighting. U never know when your time will be up so don’t waste another minute. It’s also a testimony about the goodness of God. I think I had to go through this again to remember how merciful God is to me; Lord knows I don’t deserve it, but He saves me time and again anyway. I keep saying I need to write a book. I really, really do. Continue reading



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Bobrisky out of Police detention..tells fans he has lots of gifts to spill.
Popular cross dresser and social media celebrity who many allege to be Gay, Idris Okuneye alias Bobrisky was arrested on November 7th 2017.

Toyin Lawani and Bobrisky on the far right

Information gathered revealed that Serial entrepreneur Miss Toyin lawani (CEO Tiannah styling and food empire) and one time best friend with Bobrisky was fingered to be responsible for the arrest. In his words Bobrisky said “Toyin said I worked for her and I’m selling her creams to her customers, this is a fat lie. I never worked for Toyin, she was my friend. I can not remember working or learning how to make cream from her”..Speaking further about what transpired at the police station, Bobrisky said his phones were seized and the matter was transferred to Abuja. Continue reading



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Nigerian Police. Photo credit: venturesafrica

Joint Military Taskforce deployed in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State have shot dead two suspected criminals allegedly responsible for the kidnapping and robbery attack around  East West road axis of Port Harcourt.

Our correspondent gathered that the JTF also rescued some kidnapped victims who were abducted last Saturday by the same gang in an operation in a forest within Elele Alimini.

A source within Elele Alimini community who confirmed the development to our correspondent said JTF had traced the suspects to farm road where the kidnappers had pretended to be farmers coming from harvest of crops with arms tied under a truck they were pushing. Continue reading



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Mrs. Shola Oshodi-John, Registrar NICARB

Registrar of Nigeria Institute of Arbitrators, Shola Oshodi-John has called on the People of the Niger Delta to embrace arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Mrs. Oshodi-John made the call in an interview with correspondent Nonso Isiguzo shortly after the Institute’s three days Fast Track Associate Training in Port Harcourt. She said since dispute is inevitable in commercial transactions, arbitration too has become indispensable as no investor can do business in any environment without certainty of how disputes would be resolved. She said it is worrisome that home-generated disputes were exported outside the country for resolution.

Meanwhile, Chairman, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Bayelsa District, Collins Ebi-Daniel said that the need to domesticate arbitration in Nigeria remains the quest of the institute. King Ebi-Daniel who believed that most investors are afraid of going to court for settlement of disputes due to cost and time consuming proceedings. He said that dispute resolution mechanism will boost investors confidence and promote the establishment of  businesses in the Niger Delta and indeed Nigeria at large.



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“Scornful, distrustful, isolated, competitive and jealous.”

If there is one thing that migration brings to a country, it is new knowledge and education. No wonder Fox news rated Nigerian-Americans as the most resourceful and educated minority group in the United States. It is not only in the US that Nigerians are breaking barriers in several disciplines, from medicine to engineering; they are performing above their peers from Africa and other continents. The Nigerian-American income bracket in the US is far above the average white American citizens. In the United Kingdom, it is same story.  The recent youth team that participated in the FIFA Youth World Cup of the Three Lions paraded a team with a substantial presence of blacks of Nigerian descent, such as Chelsea player, Tammy Abraham.

The fact remains that they are succeeding because they have been integrated into a flourishing system that supports growth and human development. Interestingly, this has greatly influenced the culture of Nigerians residing abroad who are popularly referred to as ‘Akata people’. By extension, the assimilated traits and behavioral pattern of the West have been transferred home from dress to mannerism. The prominence of the internet has also facilitated the absorption of Western culture which many Nigerians see as exotic.

Despite the progress in advancement recorded by Nigerians in the diasporas, there seem to be a critical gap, which is the failure of the whole. This is because they have pursued their quest without a commune as a whole like other nationalities, leading to the importation of gutter and rude behaviors from the West. This has dislodged their simple and communal spirit.

However, other ethnic communities residing in Europe and America, such as the Indians and the Chinese have kept their culture strong and intact. Many Indian families still travel to their homeland in search for Indian women as wives. That tells you how strong their communal bond is, even in London, they marry within their circles. From Liverpool, Huddlesfield to Rashford London, wherever they go, they carry their communal spirit. Everything they do is towards India, opportunities created in the offices in Canary Wharf and Bank in London are waiting for Indians from Delhi or Bombay because most top executives of these companies are Indians, recruiting the best of their citizens to London. There is that sense of national interest and pride. Presently, most British Call Service companies have transferred their services to Delhi. Thanks to the improved Communication Technology in India. The British-Indians have not only excelled academically, they have also imported their culture with them. The popular Holi festival of colour that is celebrated in the United Kingdom is of Indian origin. Even goggle CEO Pichai Sundararaja is more Indian than those in Delhi and remote places in India.

The communality of Indians in Britain has been very influential to their rising to political power. In most primary schools, colleges and universities you will find Indian children there. It does not stop at that, you also have Indians having a say in the way the society is being managed. That is why you now have many of them as mayor of many towns and cities in the United Kingdom, and America. British and America Indians also have a substantial representation in the British House of Parliament and the American Congress.

However, with the recent British elections, some Nigerian-Britons have began to make inroads into the British political spectrum.

Though, there is still the lack of commune which is making many prominent Nigerians in the Diaspora shy away from identifying with their heritage because of the understanding that the exotic Western culture is unique and that of their ancestry must be relegated. One would not blame them if everything that keep coming out from Nigeria is civil disturbance, extra-judicial killings, poverty, hunger and massive corruption. When they manage to come back home after several decades what they meet on ground seems to be far worse than what they left behind, even not spared of the hot heat from the Saharan sun, with their clothes dripping water from the scorching heat, intensified by the absence of power supply at the international airports. The sad part is that many go back and never want to return because of the high level of insecurity and poor infrastructure. Whom do you blame?

However, their interpersonal relationship among their fellow citizens abroad is not any better. What could have happened to their communal life abroad which they were used to before leaving the shores of Nigeria? The disturbing fact is that there is a new sub-culture which is every man for himself, on your own (OYO). Nobody cares for a fellow brother or sister, unlike the Indians. Many no longer care for national pride, they have taken after their masters back home, living a life of debauchery and dishonesty, which is affecting the way Nigerians are now being treated abroad. They complain of being discriminated against abroad, when they forget of the harm some of their citizens have done to their national image, involving in credit card theft, fraud, drugs and prostitution.

Despite the fact that Nigerians are not the only nationality involved in these crimes, but their names ring the most. This is rubbing off on the effort of other hard working Nigerians abroad.

As a result of dishonesty of some Nigerians in the diasporas, their fellow countrymen are now distrustful of every other’s intentions. They don’t want to live in the same neighborhoods with their fellow citizens, for fear of being implicated in their crimes. Many prefer to live in areas where there no blacks. They isolate their children from their extended family members because of the notion of being independent and not wanting to be bothered. The sad part is that the children would certainly find a family in the street to imbibe un-African trait and behaviours. They say living with Nigerians is too much problem. Could this be the reason for the absence of formal Nigerian communities in places like the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and America? Continue reading



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When Gov Nyesom Wike assumed office in 2015 he met a state with a closed down legislature and a judiciary under lock and key, he met abandoned projects scattered allover the state, he met workers being owed 4 months salary, he met pensioners crying for their entitlements, he met Sharks and Dolphins football clubs players being owed 8 months salary, he met stranded Rivers foreign students that tuition fees have not been paid for more than a year, he met refuse everywhere in Port Harcourt because Amaechi failed to pay refuse contractors their money which ran into hundreds of millions. Wike met an empty government house and a state with N17bn debt (according to Amaechi)

Wike met Rivers State in such a state of comatose not necessarily because Amaechi was a disaster for 8 years, in all honesty, Amaechi did relatively well in his first tenure, but he became a calamity in his second tenure, government and development came to a halt the moment he defected to APC, he stopped using Rivers money for the betterment of Rivers State, he emptied the state treasury to sponsor Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign.

Wike saw all these things and said he wasn’t elected to complain but to work, the first thing he did was to open the court, the state house of assembly was opened too, he paid refuse contractors, he completed all the abandoned road projects. He cleared the several months workers salary arrears and made workers salary government’s priority, that is why Rivers State is among the few states not owing workers today. The governor settled Sharks and Dolphins players, Wike dedicated major part of his first year in office to cleaning Amaechi’s mess. Continue reading



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Governor Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has stated that his administration will continue to support security agencies through the provision of logistical support for them to create a secured environment for investors to thrive.

Speaking during the public presentation of a book titled: “Community Policing in Nigeria: Myth or Reality ” written by Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, Dr Uche Mike Chukwuma in Port Harcourt, Governor Wike said that his administration will not be deterred by the illegal actions of some policemen.

The governor who was represented at the book presentation by his Chief of Staff, Engr Chukwuemeka Woke also urged the people of Rivers State to speak out against the evils of the Special Anti-robbery Squad for their own protection.

He said: “We have done everything humanly possible to ensure that we encourage all the security agencies to carry out their duties in line with their constitutional mandate.

“Our support for security agencies is aimed at creating the right environment for the businesses to thrive and for investors to troop to the state.”

The governor added: “It is important that we also police the police. Like the Special Anti-robbery Squad that commits crime against the people of the state, people need to speak out. People must continue to voice out against SARS and other erring police officers to check their excesses.”

He urged officers and men of the Nigeria Police to work towards promoting the rule of law, instead of using their privileged position to harass law abiding citizens.

He lauded the Retired Assistant Commissioner of Police for his contributions to the maintenance of security, urging serving officers to emulate him. Continue reading



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Efforts to restore peace and security in Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State continue as stakeholders, youths, traditional rulers, Oha in Council and political leaders gather for the second time to chart way forward.

Our correspondent reports that Security Chiefs, including commander of Joint Military Taskforce, Special Anti-Robbery Squad and Department of State Service, members of repentant cultists from different cult groups were also present at the forum to end insecurity in parts of Emohua area.

It may interest you to know that communities around East West road axis in Emohua Local Government Area have recorded worst hit of cult violence, kidnappings, and robbery incidents.

Speaking at the peace and reconciliation meeting organized by Authorities of Emohua Local Government Council, the Traditional ruler in Omudioga community, Oha HUMPHREY ASSOR suggested that the invocation of deities as possible means of restoring lasting peace and security in the local government which was accepted by other Chiefs and traditional rulers present at the meeting.

ASSOR who is the chairman of Stakeholders Association of Port Harcourt advised the stakeholders in various communities to accept the repentant cultists back to the communities and continue to preach peace in order to sink peace in their minds.

“some of my colleagues in traditional institution have advised the political leaders to result to the invocation of juju in various communities, that is the only ways these boys can surrender to peace. ”

The Caretaker Committee Chairman of Emohua Council, Godspower Nnwoka while addressing the gathering tasked the community Chiefs and traditional rulers to receive back the repentant cultists since they have genuinely received the message of peace in their various communities.

Responding to delay in commencing the second phase of the Rivers State Government Amnesty, Nnwoka said Governor Wike has several empowerment programmes which he has commissioned LGA to assist in he empowering the youths in their various areas.

Nnwoka assured that Emohua Local Government council under his watch has started empowering youths in a bid to end criminality.

Some of the repentant cultists who spoke at the security forum at Emohua Council Secretariat, declared their resolve to abstain from cultism just as they called on state governor, NYESOM WIKE to commence the second face of the amnesty program which they said would bring about lasting peace in the area.

The repentant cultists however equally blamed some community leaders for the reoccurrance of cult violence and other related activities in parts of Emohua Communities.

The repentant cultists including the leader of Icelander cultist gang who simply identified himself as Emmanuel AKA Donpreyo, cautioned those cultists from other local governments who are coming to Emohua to aid violence and criminality to desist, and called on other cultist in the area who are still hiding inside the bush to come out and embrace peace for the sake of development.



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Governor Obaseki and Edo College Old Boys Association President, Dr. Reuben Osahon.

The Governor of Edo State, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has assured the old students of the state’s premier secondary school, Edo College Benin City, that their alma-mater will be re-built.

Obaseki gave the assurance on Monday when members of Edo College Old Boys Association (ECOBA) led by their president worldwide, Dr. Reuben Osahon, paid him a courtesy visit at Government House, Benin City, the Edo State capital.

He assured that his administration would play its part as proprietor of the school, by reviewing its masterplan to determine the infrastructural requirement of the school.

The governor acknowledged the impact the school has made on the lives of Edo people and hailed various stakeholders that have contributed to its growth, as it celebrates 80 years of existence.

To address the challenges facing the school, he said that officials of the state ministries of education, physical planning and urban development, would work with other stakeholders to review the design and master plan of the school and refresh it.

On the encroachment on the college land, Obaseki said the survey plan of the school need to be re-established as encroachers will have themselves to blame as all the school’s land will be re-claimed.

“Government paid compensation on that land when it was acquired years ago, no community or individual has the right to violate government interest in that land. We are going to re-claim the land belonging to Edo College and it will be fenced,” he stressed.

He urged the old students to assist the government in the area of human resources and curriculum development for the school.

Earlier, ECOBA president worldwide, Dr. Reuben Osahon, commended the governor for his achievements in less than a year, his leadership style and creativity in dealing with different problems confronting the state.

He informed the governor that their visit was to intimate him of plans to celebrate 80 years of the school’s existence, saying: “The College is the product of the vision of Oba Eweka II, although it was followed up by Oba Akenzua II during whose reign it was established on 1st of February 1937.


President, Edo College Old Boys Association (ECOBA), Dr. Reuben Osahon (left), presenting a gift to the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, during a courtesy visit by the association to the Government House, Benin City on Monday, November 6, 2017.



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Bodies of dead Nigerian women in the Mediterranean

According to reports from the Italian port of Salerno, Aid group L’Abbracio, said that the dead bodies of 26 Nigerian women were transported aboard Spanish Warship, Cantabria. The ship also carried 375 persons that were rescued. Among them were 90 women, 8 pregnant women and 52 children.

The dead are believed to have been between the ages of 14-18 years. The report says they drowned after their inflated rubber boat took a leak and submerged in the Mediterranean.

Investigation on the incident is ongoing by Italian investigators after five migrants were taken into custody for questioning. There is a possibility that they were sexually molested during their journey.

Continue reading

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