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Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has lauded the Minister of Sports, Hon. Solomon Dalung for his commitment to the development of a united Nigeria, irrespective of party affiliation.

Speaking during a courtesy visit by the Minister of Sports at the Government House Port Harcourt on Monday, Governor Wike said the Minister of Sports has shown uncommon courage in allowing Rivers State to host the national wrestling championship and the African Wrestling Championship in 2018.

He said: “If we have Ministers like you, nobody will be talking about political parties. People like you work well for Mr President. People like you are the ones Mr President need to move the country forward.

“What you have done for Rivers State is not what money can buy. You have by this action introduced a positive for Rivers State. You are telling the world that Rivers State is peaceful and a place to invest”.

Governor Wike also praised the President of the Nigerian Wrestling Federation, Daniel Igali for his decision to promote the hosting of the championship in Rivers State.

In his remarks, Minister of Sports, Hon Solomon Dalung said that wrestling is traditional to Nigeria, hence the country will continue to excel in the sport.

He commended Governor Wike for his investments in the development of Sports, noting that the facilities put in place for the competition are world class.

The Minister said that over 700 athletes, 300 officials, 24 states and 12 Wrestling Clubs are participating in the Governor Wike National Wrestling Championship.

He said while most states have neglected sports, Rivers State Governor is promoting sports, thereby enhancing social cohesion.



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According to our source, boys alleged to be members of the dreaded Badoo cult group have snuffed life out of one Victor Kanayo, a Redeem Christian Church of God (RCCGM) pastor in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

The hoodlums gained entrance into the house after cutting the iron bars of the window. The attackers menacingly struck Kanayo with stones several times. The wife of the pastor who was nursing a ten month old baby was left unconscious after the incident.

The Igbogbo Police Division has been informed of the attack. Though the victims were rushed to the Ikorodu General Hospital, Kanayo was unlucky as he did not survive the attack.

However, the Lagos State Acting Police Commissioner, Imohimi Edgar has met with the Oba of Ikorodu Abdulrasheed Shotobi over the rise of criminality in the area.




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Governor Wike

Rivers State Governor, NYESOM WIKE has revealed that his honouring the invitation of the coronation of His Royal Majesty, King ATEKE MICHAEL TOM as the Amanyanabo of Okochiri Kingdom was as a result of the instrumental role  Ateke Tom played in his election as Governor of Rivers state.

Governor WIKE made the revelation at the reception ceremony of the coronation of King ATEKE TOM at Okochiri Kingdom in Okirika Local Government Area of the State.

Governor NYESOM WIKE however used the opportunity to urge King ATEKE TOM and other traditional rulers in the state to continue to ensure peace and unity in their various communities just as he promised to ensured that projects initiated by his administration would be completed.

“Ateke Tom is my friend, when we were struggling to be in Brick House he fought and supported us, he did not hide his support so me I will not hide my support,

“I know you are a peaceful man, I know that you always fight for whatever your people want, I urged you to continue making peace in Okirika.

“all the people especially the people in our party I urge you to support Ateke so that he will succeed in his time as king, I promise that all the projects I am doing in your area I will complete them, I congratulate Ateke Tom, I will invite him inside government house to officially present to him the certificate of recognition”. Continue reading



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Only a Rivers State governor of Kalabari extraction can implement and bring to fruition the Trans-Kalabari Road. This view was expressed by Kengema Osaki, a Kalabari political advocacy group when the group visited the Bakana Council of Chiefs on Thursday November 23, 2017.

Addressing the Bakana Council of Chiefs, the Spokesman of Kengema Osaki, Elder Lolo Ibieneye, said that the group is seriously bothered about the decline of Kalabari in the political scheme of things in Rivers State and in Nigeria.

“This has never happened since the creation of Nigeria as a country. This is the first time in the history of this country that the highest Kalabari political office holder is just a member of the House of Representatives. There is no Kalabari person as a Minister, no Senator, no Adviser to the President, not even a Chief Executive of a Federal Government Agency. We managed to have a House of Representatives seat because it is a wholly Kalabari Constituency with no outside interest. This is the lowest Kalabari has fallen politically since independence.

“This is the reason the Chiefs and Elders Council of Kengema Osaki has decided to speak out, not being able to endure the calamity that has befallen Kalabari, we have come to the Bakana Council of Chiefs because the Chieftaincy institution is highly revered by all. You are our fathers, not by age but by virtue of your responsibilities as custodians of our people and our culture. This is the reason why we have come to tell you that the extent Kalabari has fallen, is extremely disheartening.

Citing the abandoned Trans-Kalabari Road as an example of the tragedy, Lolo Ibieneye said:
“Let me tell you that despite the huge financial contributions from our oil-producing communities to the government coffers, no governor can do the Trans-Kalabari Road for us except a Kalabari Governor. This is because the cost of the project is enormous and our environment is swampy. A project of that magnitude and importance requires firm commitment on the part of government but it has become obvious, since the road was started over a decade ago, that only a Kalabari governor can guarantee the actualization of the project”.

On his part, the leader of Kengema Osaki, Chief Bekinbo Soberekon said the 2019 Kalabari campaign for the Rivers State governorship is a special kind of war and Kalabari must give it their best to win. He said:
“All past Rivers State Governors had concentrated development in their own areas and among their own people. That is why, despite the proximity of many Kalabari towns to Port Harcourt, these communities have remained undeveloped. Kalabari must vote a Kalabari person in the 2019 governorship election irrespective of political party affiliation. It is time for us to develop the coastal communities in Rivers State and a governor of Kalabari extraction would achieve this. Let’s all move to actualize this campaign. All we need is to work in unison.

“All through history, Kalabari has never lost a battle in which they fought in unity. We should therefore put behind our internal problems and pursue this cause. If we don’t, posterity shall blame us, our children shall curse us” Chief Soberekon concluded.

Also contributing, the Amayanabo of Okpo town and a Chieftain of Kengema Osaki, HRH King Diamond Tobin-West said that every Kalabari person must come out and fight this political battle and that no Kalabari person should feel unconcerned because the entire Kalabari is affected by the prevailing situation. Continue reading

Community Diary News


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Governor Wike

Governor Wike preaches healthy political relationship.

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has stated that despite political differences, key political leaders of the state still maintain a healthy relationship.

Governor Wike embraces Senator Magnus Abe.

Speaking during the burial of Late Pa Albert Mene, the Father of the Executive Director of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) on Saturday in Khana Local Government Area , Governor Wike said friendship endures over all other considerations.

Governor Wike and Senator Abe share jokes.

He said: “We are still friends despite our political differences. Derek Mene is my friend even though we disagree to agree”.

The governor described the burial of Late Pa Albert Mene as a celebration of life, noting that he lived a worthy life that left lasting legacy.

He said: “This is a celebration of life. For a man to beget a child like the Executive Director of Finance at the NDDC is not easy. I pray that God should continue to bless the family “.

Governor Wike appealed to leaders of the state to always place Rivers State first, irrespective of their political inclination. Continue reading



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Chief Edwin Clark in a Stakeholder meeting

“Be peaceful, remain calm and contest for sensitive positions in 2019 elections

Chief E. K. CLARK an elder statesman and leader of PANDEF urged youths to desist from acts capable of disrupting the peace and unity of the region thereby calling on them to vie for sensitive positions in 2019 general elections.

” The youths in Rivers state should know themselves. They should not allow politicians to use them and destroy them. The youths have a say. Today, France is being ruled by a thirty-nine years old man. We must understand ourselves. The youths should rule our country”.

Chief E.K CLARK also pledge his support for any presidential candidate that believes in restructuring adding that restructuring is best for Nigeria.

“Restructuring is very good for Nigeria. Everybody will belong to Nigeria. Without restructuring we don’t have a Nigeria. A Nigeria that is lopsided where some people are first class citizens others of second class citizens will not work. That is the Nigeria we have today. Nigeria where something of my own is being exploited and they benefit from and I don’t benefit from it, is not a true Nigeria. Niger Delta is being cheated, we are not the only people cheated, everybody, where we have resources is being cheated. A situation where our youth have no employment, no jobs and our resources are being taken by other people, where our environment are being polluted, where our ecosystem is being damaged, that is not true Nigeria. A true federalism is that whatever is being produced by your area, if your area is destroyed, you will benefit from it”.

Chief E.K. Clark gave this advice in an event held by National Point Newspapers held in port Harcourt themed: “Niger Delta next Decade: away from oil, away with oil”



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National Point Newspapers Stakeholder meeting on Restructuring in Port Harcourt.

The law maker representing Obio/Akpor Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. KINGSLEY CHINDA is of the opinion that restructuring Nigeria is the only way forward in tackling agitation in the Niger Delta region.

Awardees at the event.

KINGSLEY CHINDA as ably represented by Dr. Mina OGBANGA on the 10th Anniversary of National Point Newspapers held in Port Harcourt said that the people of the Niger Delta are still living below poverty line, despite the ongoing business activities of multinational oil companies in the region.

However, Hon. CHINDA also said that there should be cleanup of the region and empowerment for women and youths.

“Particular attention should be paid to the clean up of the region, development as well as empowerment for women and youths, using resources available. Our resources need to be used maximally towards impacting the lives of our people. The livelihood of people in the Niger Delta is therefore important and restructuring is the only way”.

Publisher, National Point Newspapers, Mrs. Ibibia Don Pedro

In her part, The publisher of National Point Newspapers, Ibibia Don Pedro also called upon the Federal Government to rescue the people of Niger Delta whose sources of livelihood have been destroyed by oil exploration and exportation adding that Nigeria should move away from oil adding that government should invest more in education.

“A way from oil, a way with oil. It is the background of our realities. The country depends on oil almost exclusively but the very countries that consume the oil is moving away. Sixteen years ago when I was in the United States, I remember people who work on oil and people who are in research for alternative sources of energy have been warning that the world has to move away from oil, from the dependence on oil. If you look at most of the world’s countries in conflict, the cause is oil politics. Environmentally these countries also suffer, take for example a place like Port Harcourt, it’s been rainy like is not November, climate change is real. And all of that is associated with the consumption of hydrocarbon, primarily petroleum and gas. The world is moving away. They are not going to wait for us. Recently, someone said there is an aeroplane that does not run on aviation fuel. If we are not careful, we will start drinking this oil. If you look at the Niger Delta, oil exploration has not favoured our people. We have been impoverished, women have been killed, youth have been killed, terrible things have been done to people because of this oil. Only a small population of our people benefit from the presence of oil resources in our area, especially those multi-national companies and others in the corridors of power. The poor is left to wallow in hunger and deprivation. We need to move around and cleanup our environment and allow the environment to be regenerated, so that we can go back to farming, there is the human brain which is everything, which is the ultimate resource. Government need to give education to our people, let them key into ICT; let them key into the reality of the twenty first century, which is not oil. Whatever is left, they have to invest into education. If you look at states in the Niger Delta region, they are not doing well. And these are the states that get the greatest allocation from oil. The resources have ended in the pocket of the people who mostly build hotels as a source of private investments. Government should give scholarship and build schools”.

Naijavoxpop correspondent reports that other stake holders from the Niger Delta region who were also part of the event added their voices to the call for restructuring in Nigeria.

Among those who received awards at the event was the former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.

Arts & Entertainment Community Diary


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The rise of murderous women over alleged suspicion of infidelity of their spouses has got a lot of people talking. The keys acts surrounding these killings have shown that these men never notice when it is time to leave the marriage, only to fall to the cruel hands of their attackers.

Must we always go physical with people, or even spiritual if we feel hurt or offended by a loved one? I thought we have it in our spiritual books that vengeance is of God. These days, it is no longer so, as some hot tempered women are quick to seek justice on their own terms. This has left a scourge of murderous women in our society.

I ran into some hilarious suggestions on how to reduce the rate of love related killings.
Try to develop the habit of deleting messages as you read because it will save you from untimely death.
Wives should be medically examined routinely to assess if they are mentally stable.
Use your mother’s name in place of saving your girl friend’s number in your phone.
Ensure you change your phone password regularly. Continue reading



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Kemi Olulonyo

Today, I visited Kemi Olunloyo @hnnAfrica at the Port Harcourt Maximum Prisons.

It was a touching moment. She has been incarcerated since October 12 for Bench Warrant in what seemed to be a conspiracy by her former lawyer. She alleged that she had filed a request for absence in the court through her lawyer on health grounds only to discover that the letter was never submitted by her lawyer. In her words, her former lawyer was bought over by people who want to keep her continuously in detention.

Despite being incarcerated for weeks, she was still very strong. Her voice pitched high as usual and her words well chosen and spoken in her usual polished parlance.

I sat opposite her and listened as she recounted the moments of her arrest. She told me how a SARS officer without an ID nor a uniform arrested her in what initially seemed like a kidnap incident only to discover she had been carefully framed up and her detention process perfected to ensure the odds worked to disallow her from being granted bail.

At one point, she stared directly into my eyes and said


” Phils, I am not safe here. I have been repeatedly told to be careful. My life is in danger here!”

Even in the stench of that badly kept facility, her raving smile was imminent. She would pause as she spoke and rekindle her words with an unassuming smile at each instance leaving strange emphasis at each turn and twist of her gory experience in the hands of the lawless Nigerian law. Kemi believes her ordeal is perpetuated by a powerful man of God in Rivers State whom she is up against in the court.

As I listened to her and knowing how controversial Kemi has come to be, I began searching for reasons to disbelieve her. I reflected on my encounters with prison staff right from the gate to the point of meeting Kemi inside the prisons. It was, perhaps, the most horrible site of corruption I have witnessed in recent times. Every point of encounter was an extortion centre for the prison staff. Every bit of that experience only helped me believe Kemi much more for I saw clearly a system where money could keep anyone longer behind those walls with just a few spread going to waiting pockets.

To fill a form to see a prisoner, one had to pay some naira, to submit the form, required another payment. To get it stamped required another payment, even to move from one office to another in the process of gaining entrance, you are required to make multiple payments as you get closer to the inner door that leads inside the prison. I have never seen such manner of widespread and open corrupt practice before. After multiple payments, I asked if these levies were legal and the answer I got was worse than the ugly experience of having to pay those illegal levies.

I reflected on these and on the future of Nigeria, my heart stopped beating for a moment. I was overtaken by the maze of thievery that was going on there. In my instance, I counted 12 visitors and imagined how much these prison staff had extorted in less than one hour from all of us. There and then, I knew Nigeria’s problems were far from the walls of Aso Rock. Our problems are not groomed from the green and red chambers of the National Assembly. Our problems lie in the decaying hearts of our citizens and the loose fabrics of our moral characters. Nigeria is installed on a faulty operating system infested with viruses stored in its root files.

Continue reading

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