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Are Nigerians scum of the earth?

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Nigerians seem like scum of the earth these days, treated without respect nor dignity. Libya bores that reflection. The situation in that African troubled country where Nigerians are sold as merchandise is born out of several causes and actions. From the destruction of Libya by the West to the immigration conspiracy of European countries and the inaction of African leaders.

According to some social observers, Nigeria is not the only country in Africa, but yet it has the greatest migrant population outside its territory. It is believed that in Libya alone, there are over 500,000 Nigerian migrants locked up in detention camps.

Many people have argued that the push factors of poverty, massive unemployment, poor health care, lack of access to education, boko haram, herdsmen attacks and the plight of Bakassi returnees have continue to expose Nigerians to precarious situations outside its borders.

The social inaction of Nigerian leaders have also prompted her young population to seek alternatives for better life, since they cannot find peace and justice in their beloved country. Several of them that have been interviewed have reiterated their determination to reach Europe at all cost, even if it means putting their lives at risk over and over again.

Corrupt Nigerians politicians are to be blamed for what is happening to Nigerians in Libya.The selling of Nigerians as merchandise in Libya is the repercussion of their senseless embezzlement of state funds and mismanagement of political power.

In actual sense, they are the ones that have plunged the nation into this mess and made it a spectacle of ridicule in the eyes of the world. They have turned Nigeria into a minnows and a beggarly country.

The ongoing happenings is a clarion call for youths in Nigeria to take their destiny in their own hands.


Know your HIV/Aids status – Vice Chancellor, University of Port Harcourt advises staff and students of the institution

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University of Port Harcourt community walk against HIV/aids


Ag. Director of Youth Friendly Center, DR. ROSEMARY OGU joins participants at the walk for a photo against HIV/aids.

The Youth Friendly Centre of the University of Port Harcourt has organized an Awareness Walk on the WORLD AIDS DAY in the city of Port Harcourt. The acting Director, Dr ROSEMARY OGU has said that HIV can be prevented just as she stressed on the need for safe sex life adding that HIV/AIDS can be prevented. OGU also said that HIV/AIDS can be transmitted through blood transfusion adding that sharp objects should be discarded after used.

Staff and students of UNIPORT embark on a walk against Aids in Port Harcourt.

“Today is World AIDS Day. Together we can do it, together we can be sure that no one is left behind. What we are doing today is awareness creation. HIV/AIDS can be prevented. For those already with HIV, we can control it. The treatment is available, drugs are available. There are things that can be done, safe sex life is one of them. If you can, please, abstain but if you cannot; use a condom. Have one sex partner. But we know that this is difficult. People have multiple partners. The best is abstinence but if you must, then use a condom. At Youth Friendly Centre of University of Port Harcourt, we are positioned to talk to Youths. One fourth of our country Nigeria is Youth. If youth are not looked after then our future is in jeopardy. Parents should try, it is not easy trying to put food on the table and so, parents are not there all the time. Parents should try to be there for their children, create more time to spend with your children, talk to your children, they listen if they are spoken too. If you don’t talk to them, they will find somebody to talk to them and you never know what they are telling them.

Leaving no one behind, together we can do it and everybody counts is our theme. Youth, adult, children, everybody should be aware that we can get HIV. We can also prevent it. There are other means of contracting HIV, like through blood transfusion, mother to child during pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding; it is not only through sexual activity. We should all be aware, do not share sharp objects, do not use the same barbing tools, do not use the same manicure sets as others. All those at the saloon they know, so they tried to sterilize their tools but it is better to use new tools one per person”.

Participants raising awareness about the virus.


A female student carrying out her voluntary test for HIV/aids.

In his part the vice Chancellor of the University of Port Harcourt, Prof NDOWA LALE, has said stigmatization of HIV/AIDS patients is based on ignorance adding that HIV is like other ailments therefore appealed to HIV patients to take their drugs constantly. “The intent of what we are doing today is to bring public attention, to focus on a global problem we need to address and one of the things we have done today includes physical work, physical activity, it will help us to keep fit and keep well. Above all, was to drag attention that HIV AIDS can be prevented. Stigmatization is based on ignorant. AIDS is like any other ailments; is like High Blood pressure, Diabetes, anything you can think of. There is no reason to be stigmatized. People who have it should not be scared because people are against them. No, they should live their full life. If they take their full drugs they will live their full life on earth. We should all take our life and health seriously. We should not live in ignorance, we should have the knowledge of the issues of life”.

Also speaking, the Provost of College of Health Sciences of the University of Port Harcourt, Prof. Christie Mato urged youth to abstain from unprotected sex adding that HIV test should be done every six months. “At some point in time, it looks like we are playing down on HIV/AIDS but today has been set aside to remind us AIDS is very much there. We can do a lot by getting tested but over and above that, for those Living with HIV/AIDS the issue of stigmatization is a very big problem. You will find people shifting away from you, once they know that you are HIV positive not even the full-blown AIDS and that is something we need to stand down in our society. People should go and get tested. They should know their HIV status. A lot of people are living with AIDS but you won’t know. So, it is for you to get tested and know your HIV status so that you can immediately swing into action and take your treatment if you are positive. You can check your status every six months if you have involved in any activity that will expose you to the HIV virus. You should be careful of the instruments used to cut your nails, blood transfusion and unprotected sex. Our young people of the day, I think that is the biggest problem. If we are able to make the biggest noise to get young people to abstain and wait for the right time because there’s a time for everything. You can abstain from sex but if you cannot, please do not engage in unprotected sex.
While speaking to newsmen, the Personal Assistant to the Vice Chancellor, Lucy Oruene, advised youth to be healthy, ” My advice to youth is to remain healthy. Now I am very conscious of my health. whenever awareness like this comes up I go through the flyers, I have just read the do’s and don’ts.





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Governor Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has declared that deliberate efforts by agents of the APC Federal Government to de-market Rivers State are counter-productive to the interest of the nation. Speaking at a state dinner organised for the contestants of Miss University Africa Beauty Pageant on Friday at the Government House Port Harcourt, Governor Wike regretted the unnecessary acts of sabotage by agents of the APC Federal Government when it comes to hosting national and international events in the state.

He said: “If you de-market Rivers State that produces the wealth of the country, then you are de-marketing Nigeria. “The fear they have is because we are delivering, while they are not performing. They don’t want the world to see the transformation taking place here”. He specifically cited the efforts made to stop the African Wrestling Championship from holding in the state and the plots to stop the Minister of Sports from participating in the just concluded Governor Wike National Wrestling Championship. He said that Rivers State is open to investors, as his administration has created the enabling environment for businesses to thrive. “We are willing to partner with investors in the areas of agriculture, skills development and other key areas”, he said.
The governor noted that the contestants of the Beauty Pageant from the 54 countries of Africa are the greatest marketers of Rivers State as they will continue to promote the state long after the competition. While urging the contestants to also focus on education, Governor Wike said women have the capacity to compete in all human endeavours. He said under no circumstances should women beg for placements as they have the requirements to struggle and win political and economic contests.
Earlier, the Coordinator of Miss University Africa Beauty Pageant, Mr Taylor Nazzal said the pageant will project Rivers State positively to the entire continent. He lauded Governor Wike for creating unity in diversity by hosting African Queens from the 54 countries. Speaking on behalf of diplomats, Namibian Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr. Peingeondjabi T. Shipoh, said that all African Missions in the country will join Governor Wike in developing the state through the invitation of key investors. Secretary to the Rivers State Government, Sir Kenneth Kobani his remark said that Rivers State is witnessing rapid growth because of the leadership of Governor Wike and the right investments his administration has made in peace and security. The night was laced with traditional dances, comedy and contemporary music. The Wife of the Rivers State Governor, Justice Eberechi Suzzette Nyesom-Wike led the African Queens for dinner, while toasts were said for the contestants, Rivers State and Nigeria.


World Aids Day: HIV prevalence rate drops in Rivers state

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Deputy Governor of Rivers State- Dr.Mrs. Ipalibo Banigo

In commemoration of the world AIDS day with the theme My health, my right. The Rivers state ministry of health has joined the world to mark this year World AIDS Day.

The Rivers State Governor as represented by the deputy, Governor, MRS. IPALIBO BANIGO has urged Rivers people to live healthy just as she stressed on the need of knowing your HIV status adding that the state government over two years has increased the number of hospitals and health centres providing HIV anti retroviral drugs.

However, The Deputy Governor, IPALIBO BANIGO also urged pregnant women to register for antenatal on time.

” This day is set aside to create awareness and conduct advocacy for consolidation of the going effort in HIV/AIDS control program. I want to thank the network of people living with HIV/AIDS for creating the needed awareness and to let people know that an HIV diagnosis is not equal to death, there is still great life and great productivity.
In the last two years we were able to increase the number of hospitals and health centres providing anti retroviral drugs and to give supportive treatment whenever needed especially psycho-social support to people living with the disease, so that they can still be productive and contribute to the GDP of Rivers state. This year’s theme, My Health, My Right was to ensure access to health services and social services to HIV victims, such as improving their behavioral knowledge and understanding of the virus in order to keep them healthy. We also encouraged our people to do exercise, take appropriate diets and support their right to health and generally continue to have improvement in the quality of life for better society to promote a world that is totally devoid of stigma and discrimination for those of us who have found ourselves in this situation. We should continue to know our HIV status and ensure we check our blood sugar levels, measure our weights, to ensure our blood pressure is in normal rate, particularly, our women of productive age. Pregnant women must be screened against Diabetes. I encourage pregnant women to register for antenatal care”.

Continue reading



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live above self, Hon. Edison canvasses

Rivers Lawmaker Launches Empowerment Scheme.  According to Hon. Ehie Edison, “it is my pleasure to announce the launch of our “Micro-Business Empowerment programme for Ahoada East Constituency II”.

Hon. Edison Ehie representing Ahoada East Constituency II.

This scheme is aimed at empowering 200 Upata sons and daughters with 100,000 naira each to start micro businesses for self sufficiency.

To qualify- • Must be indigenes of any of the 21 Towns and villages of Upata. • 2 Passport photographs • Must have voter’s card. • LGA Identification letter. • Birth certificate or Age Declaration • Letter of interest/Application , which should state your business type and how you can grow it with the said amount.
All submissions should be sent to; Adokiye Oyagiri Chime Ezebalike SA to Hon. Member PA to Hon. Member 07017130617 08142839309 Reddy Otuwarikpo Constituency Sec. ‭08035507758‬
Thank you and God bless you! Signed; Office of Hon. Ehie O. Edison Member, RVHA, Ahoada East Const. II


Kidnappers kill Policeman in Church

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Murdered policeman

At least one police personnel has been killed by suspected kidnappers inside a church in Obio-Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State yesterday evening. Our correspondent gathered that suspected kidnappers had stormed a Church known as Church of Christ Nigeria around Nsirim road within Mile 1 area of Obio-Akpor LGA and shot a police officer on escort.
A source who claimed to be a church member confirmed the incident to our correspondent. He said the unknown gunmen had opened fire to scare mid-week worshipers in the church in order to make way for the kidnap of their target.
While our source disclosed that although the armed men did not succeed, but one police personnel lost his life and the church was forced to close down, as everybody scampered for safety.
A senior Police officer who prefers to remain anonymous told our correspondent that investigation has commenced into the circumstances behind the attack.
However, the Rivers State Police Command is yet to comment on the development.


Rivers State Christian Trust Fund to become operational – Governor Wike

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Governor Wike receiving heavenly blessing

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has stated that the Christian Trust Fund will become operational after setting up the organisation’s Board of Trustees.

The governor said that the consultation for the seamless appointment of the Board of Trustees has reached advance stage.

While speaking during a courtesy visit by the Rivers State Chapter of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Governor Wike said that the Christian community played a critical in the actualization of his mandate through prayers and participation.

“We are working to get trustees to manage the funds of the Christian Trust Fund. In the next few weeks, we will appoint the trustees. Thereafter, we will establish it. “, he said.

Speaking further, Governor Wike urged the Church to sit up and take steps to ensure that only credible leaders emerge in 2019.

He said: “The Church must be able to express her preferences during the 2019 elections . Mobilise your members to come out and vote.

“If we continue to sit back, the future of our people will be left hanging. Don’t fold your hands. ”

He announced that the Rivers State Government will support the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria in the completion of their secretariat in Port Harcourt. Continue reading


Nobody has deposed the Amanayabo of Abonnema, King Disrael Bob-Manuel – Wike

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The Amanayabo of Abonema chatting with Governor Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has declared that the Amayanabo of Abonnema, King Disrael Bob-Manuel remains a duly recognised First Class Traditional Ruler in the state.

Governor Wike stated that nobody has the authority to depose a First Class Traditional Ruler in the state without the approval of the Rivers State Government.

Speaking during a Solidarity visit by the Amayanabo of Abonnema, King Disrael Bob-Manuel and Abonnema Council of Chiefs at the Government House Port Harcourt on Wednesday, Governor Wike regretted that security agencies have allowed themselves to be used by some persons to illegally intervene in Chieftaincy Affairs.

He said: “Nobody has deposed you (Amayanabo of Abonnema). It is only the state government that has the power to depose a First Class Traditional Ruler and we have no intention to depose the Amayanabo of Abonnema.

“Our security agencies have gone so low that they are now involved in everything, including Chieftaincy Affairs. Soon, they will involve themselves in husband and wife issues. Can they carry an Emir like that? Can they carry an Oba like that. We pray they withdraw from such illegal activity “.

Governor Wike charged youths of Abonnema to remain alert in the defence of their traditional heritage, saying no group should be allowed to distort the traditional order. Continue reading



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Late. Chukwu

According to reports reaching us, at least one person is feared dead. It was alleged that he was killed by suspected cultists operating around Emohua Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Our correspondent gathered that a young man identified as AKPENUCHI CHUKWU was killed in the early hours of today in his village in Isiodu-Emohua by gun men suspected to be cultist who picked him up from his apartment.

A source within the community who confirmed the incident to our correspondent said CHUKWU who was a chieftain of the All Progressive Congress until his death was forced out of his room while sleeping with his wife and was taken to center of the community major road where he received several machete cuts and gun shots.

However, security operatives have gotten to the scene of the incident with a senior police officer at Rumuji police station who confirmed that investigation has commenced into the killing.




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Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has declared that the Federal Government is not serious about the clean-up of Ogoniland.

The governor stated that for now, the Ogoni clean up programme remains a political project aimed at attaining political mileage.

Speaking when he granted audience to the Senate Committee on Environment on Investigative visit to Ogoniland, Governor Wike said that the people of Rivers State are tired of procrastination in relation to the execution of the clean up.

He said: “The Federal Government is not serious about the clean up of Ogoniland. We are tired of telling our people that the project will start next year.

“Let it not be a political project. Look at the North East, a commission was established and $1Billion released. “.

He said that the devastation of Ogoniland has impoverished the people by destroying their farmlands and fishing waters.

He regretted that as a state that produces the wealth of the nation, Rivers State has no single motorable Federal Road.

Commenting on the soot, Governor Wike stated that it is a fallout of oil pollution, stressing that people are suffering the health hazards.

Earlier, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment, Senator Oluremi Tinubu said that the committee was on an oversight visit to ascertain the level of environmental degradation in Ogoniland.

She said that the committee will draw attention to the environmental challenges facing the Ogoni people ..

Senator Tinubu said: “We are concerned about these issues. We will use face masks when we get to the location. Face masks will draw attention to the message to world on the essence of the clean up “.

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