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SARS to be used by the Federal authorities to rig elections in 2019 – Governor Wike

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Governor Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has declared that the Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS) is being prepared by the authorities for the rigging of the 2019 General Elections .

Governor Wike stated that the so-called review of the operation of SARs following the outcry by Nigerians over the deadly illegal acts of the organisation, is merely aimed at diverting public focus.

Speaking during a courtesy visit by the Board of Editors of Sun Publishing Limited at the Government House Port Harcourt on Tuesday, Governor Wike described SARS as a gang of criminals, leading Nigeria to disaster.

The Management of Sun Publishing Limited led by its Managing Director, Mr Eric Osagie visited the Governor to present him with his letter of nomination as Sun Newspaper Governor of the Year 2017.

Governor Wike said “SARS is being prepared for the rigging of elections in 2019. Time has come for people to resist these criminals in uniform because they cannot kill everyone. Continue reading


Rivers State Special Government Announcement

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Government special announcement.
The honourable commissioner for education wishes to remind all operators of public and private schools in rivers state that the first term of 2017| 2018 academic calendar ends on friday 15th December, 2017.

The first terminal holiday begins on on monday 18th December, 2017 and ends on friday 5th January, 2018. The second term begins on monday 8th January, 2018.

Furthermore, principals of public junior and and senior secondary schools are enjoined to ensure that the first terminal reaults are issued to all the students before vacating for the holidays.

Take notice that officers of the ministry of education shall visit to ensure compliance with the above directives; and any violation shall attract appropriate sanction.

Dr. Tamunosisi, Gogo Jaja. Hon. Commissioner for Education


Strike a Balance : Woke Kevin

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Woke Kevin Alerechi writes

The body chemistry is of the opinion that during puberty, maturity begins. Therefore, reproduction should hit the ground running. If reproduction starts with respect to the demands of the body language and there is no finance or source of income to supply or sustain the needs of reproduction, what should be the way forward? On the other hand, the urge or instincts as prescribed by the body Chemistry is consciously oppressed, subdued and silenced in a bid to acquire skills, develop knowledge and wisdom capable of securing opportunities that will sustain income and maintain the needs of reproduction. In this case, the years put in to acquire skills, knowledge and opportunity seems to have attacked and weaken the organs responsible for reproduction.

A man of sixty with two masters degrees and one doctorate with many skills and opportunities is celebrating his six (6) years son’s birthday. Mathematically, this boy was born when his father was 54 years old. As parents, wealthy or poor, strength and energy is required to be able to carry the children from point A to point B. For instance, three hefty children has slept in the sitting room while watching home movie or cartoon. The parents need strength to carry them to the bedroom. At night when they are a sleep you need to check on them as to encourage them ease themselves. During school time, whether there is mobility or not, energy is needed. So the point here is that, is it good to go into marriage early when the body chemistry is prime? On the part of the woman particularly, biology told us that ‘ it gets to a time in a woman’s life; she will not be able to conceive. And again, it is also paramount for a girl child to acquire skills that will ease domestic works such as cooking, washing, sewing, serving, plaiting, driving, teaching, etc. Apart from the western and formal education, it is very necessary for a woman to get all these above mentioned skills to prepare her towards home management. Now, the discrepancy comes, the time given to western formal education and that of skill, if not properly utilized its capable of launching one into menopause.
However, what happens there is that a well developed domesticated career woman is finding conception a bit difficult. Biology and other health knowledge has it that at tender age of (12-18) (19-22) every human cells and hormone are hyperactive to stimuli. Thereby ready to answer any call. What about the drive? A situation where age and stress has weaken the cells that drives the urge for satisfaction. A serious issue sets in. A party of the couple seemingly younger complains not satisfied. As a result, attempts is made to venture out in search of satisfaction. In most cases, expedition disintegrates the family apart. In a bid to gain satisfaction the second half suffers abandonment. Let us also appreciate a situation where the older ones dies much earlier leaving second half in pain of loneliness. If the reason for marriage is pleasure and procreation then the both should be met anything short of that is abnormal. The urge should be satisfied to attain optimum pleasure that warranted the union. The human toys adult plays with, is also needed. This will to a large extent cement the union. No matter the amount of love that exist between husband and wife, if there is no cry of a baby in the house, total peace and love cannot be attain. The childlessness may lead to flash back on how they live life in the past. The blame may weigh more on the husband or the wife. Therefore, emotion must be removed from the fact, so that certain reality can be achieved. If marriage is contracted at the prime time say 18-20 years irrespective of skills and income the tendency of consulting a gynaecologist to examine the state of the womb, run series of diagnosis and prescription of drugs to achieve conception may not arise. The stigma of barriness will not be a societal issues as it is today. None shall be barren is applicable to all women but artificial man-made-delay has caused some fruitful women barren. Energy boosting drug would not have existed. The body system is complete engine that function without support. But the delay during acquisition of skills, education and job opportunity has rendered some body cells weak and incapacitated. This has grossly affected the efficacy of the union called marriage. Therefore, while you strive to attain certain level acquiring skills, knowledge, wisdom and understanding to make a comfortable union and raise children with ease using the arsenals, convenience also think about the other side of the coin. We can not eat our cake and have it. As we strive to attain higher in a particular facet of life, there are other aspects that suffers abandonment and neglect. So, a balance must be taken.

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Rugged Steps Foundation marks the International Day of Disabilities with Mr and Miss Niger Delta Beauty Pageant 2017

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As part of the activities to mark this year’s international day of persons with disabilities, the Rugged Steps Foundation has organized a beauty pageant for Mr. & Miss Niger Delta special persons Ambassador, 2017.

Our correspondent ELFREDAH KEVIN gathered that this year’s winners of Mr. & Miss. Niger Delta special persons Ambassador went home with three hundred thousand naira each while the first and second runner up went with one hundred and fifty thousand naira each .

The 2017 Mr. Niger Delta special persons Ambassador, INIGBELABIA RUBEN OBA expressed his joy just as he urged the government to assist people with disabilities thereby advising persons with disabilities to have a positive mindset.

“I have been preparing for this award for a very long time. when it comes to things like this, everybody will want to be a winner. I was not expecting to win but I was also expecting to win this show. I can not explain the way I feel. I am very happy. I also thank Rugged Steps Foundation for their efforts and and assistance to persons with disabilities. I will use the three hundred thousand naira and start something meaningful for myself before I go to National Youth Service Corp (NYSC), I just finished my university. I am appealing to the government to assist us, we have the potentials inside that we can give to the world. They should give us a chance. I am telling my fellow physically challenged not to give up. They should believe in their mind set and their positive mindset will help them”.

In her part, the Miss Niger Delta Special Persons Ambassador, Harmon Mirian Oguchukwu expressed her joy just as she appealled to the government to empower the physically challenged people other than giving cash. Continue reading


University of Port Harcourt Women carry out Health Awareness Week

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University of Port Harcourt women celebrates health awareness week 

The University of Port Harcourt Women has carried out an health awareness walk in Port Harcourt.

The Women’s Week was full of fun as the women were seen in the school premises singing and dancing glorifying God.

A traffic warder named Christian Asokwa from Enugu state was decorated as the University of Port Harcourt Man for his diligent and humanitarian services for free flow of traffic in University of Port Harcourt road leading to Aluu community.

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Port Harcourt joins UNIPORT women to celebrate.

The women who were received by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ndowa Lale of the University Port Harcourt at the Senate building made their request known to the Vice Chancellor on how the University of Port Harcourt Women’s Week will look like. Continue reading

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