ZORA’s TESTIMONY : By Robbie Kaine

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I am here. I am healthy. I am alive.

The doctor had just told me that my case was terminal. It was Cancer… Stage 4 and I had three months to live.
I was dazed! Dazed into a daze. It seemed like my future was sealed. I felt lonely.  I felt hopeless. I felt lost. I was going to die…..and there was nothing I could do about it.
I walked home slowly, I could barely see the faces of people as they streamed passed me. The cacophony of sounds from voices, motor engines and blaring horns all seemed far away…..muffled…as if they were all in another dimension.
I began to quiver as I slowly trudged home, in just the space of a few minutes, my eyes had sunk into their sockets. I couldn’t see it….I could feel it….I just knew. And I said to myself….”the cold hands of death….is this what you feel like?”
Tears came unbidden into my eyes. They streamed down my face and I let them flow. I felt the bile rise up from inside my tummy and i puked on the curb.
“Ma’am are you ok?” A certain stranger asked me.
I waved him away, nodding my head as if all was well, he looked at me for a few seconds and then he left, after all, there was nothing he could do for me.
I got home, curled up in bed and cried my heart out. I cried for myself, my family, my friends. I cried for my present and I cried for my future. I cried for dreams unfulfilled and I cried for sweet life yet to be lived. Death had come for me and it was going to take me.
A month had passed and I had lived like a hermit. Barely eating. Always crying And crying myself to sleep. On this day, I do not know how long I had slept for it seemed I had cried myself to sleep which had become a norm, I awoke with a banging headache and with a chill. It wasn’t a chill born of the weather….It was the chill of death making its way within me, occupying my very essence, making its abode in me until I ceased to exits in three months time. I lay on my back starring up at the ceiling and after a while I began to stare into nothingness. I looked to my right, the desk lamp was turned low, and a book I’d only began to read, The Anatomy Of The Scriptures by Reigner Davies lay there. I’d only read a page of it. I looked at the curtains, it was beautiful…a gift from Jake when I had moved into this house. My eyes wandered forward to my closet which was slightly ajar and I remembered all the new and fine clothing’s I had bought which were all in there. I remembered how excited I had been buying them and how I couldn’t wait to wear them. It’s a pity I wouldn’t be needing any of them now. I was going to die innit? I saw my sneakers peeking out…looking at me as if it sensed my pain and I laughed…..well.. It was more of a cackle for my throat was parched. Even my shoe knew I was going to die.
How do I live? I didn’t want to die, I wanted so much to live. It’s been a month and I’d wallowed so much in my grief…forgetting my friend, the one who had always been with me. The one who never left me. The holy spirit.
On this day, He said to me “freshen up and take a stroll”
“Take a stroll? Pal, do you realize I’m about to die and you want me to take a stroll? What good would that do me?
“Take a stroll. What good has wallowing in your  misery done you?” Take a stroll he said
You see…he was my dearest friend and he loved me so much. As much as I didn’t want to go out, I somehow managed to. it was winter you see, and so I was bundled up in my warm clothing. Coats, mitts and all…the whole nine yard.

“So, where to now?”
“Turn left, and just walk”
I rolled my eyes heaven ward and did his bidding.
“Since when did you believe the word of man?  whose report will you believe…man or God?”
Hey! but that doctor is a specialist….the best there is, and he’s never wrong. I saw the results myself. I even made him carry out the test more than once! Holy Spirit I’m going to die”
“Lol…how can you even die Zora, I live in you”
“Yes You do, but didn’t You live in other believers who have died?”
“Zora, that doctor’s report is not final. Jesus declares to you ‘I am your Alpha and Omega’. That means He has the first word and the final word in your situation!  You remember that Alpha and omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet?
“Yes I do”
“Good, but Jesus did not speak Greek. He spoke Aramaic or Hebrew. So He would have said, “I am the Aleph and the Tav.” Aleph and Tav are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. So what Jesus is declaring to your is this: “I have the first word in your situation. And I have the final word in your situation!”
“Oh my! How did I forget all this. Listening to You is reinvigorating, but I’ m still sad though. Hahaha. Now I know why You wanted me to take this stroll, oh well..go on…I’m sort of enjoying this”
“Well, you took your eyes of the Lamb slain, Zora, that is why. Keep this in front of you always. This is your reality. So, as I was saying,  each Hebrew letter has a corresponding picture. Interestingly, Aleph is associated with an ox and Tav, a cross. Together, they make up a beautiful picture of what Jesus did for you—He is the sacrificial “animal” on the cross. It was for you that He suffered, bled and died.
When Jesus hung on the cross, He took your infirmities and bore your sicknesses. Remember Matthew 8:17? That is why your sickness does not have the final word in your life. Jesus does, because He took your sickness upon His body and paid for your healing with His blood”
“Oh God, oh God. Thank you. Thank you”
“I will never leave you Zora, I am with you, always”
At this point…I was overwhelmed. I still felt sad, but I had the knowing that I wasn’t going to die anymore. I didn’t know how, but I knew I wouldn’t die. I felt….lighthearted.
“Take a right Zora, walk down Low Street”
“We seem to be on an adventure today, where to now?”
“I want you to meet some people, they will invite you For Joint Summit, there you will meet the Reigner Davies, the author of “The Anatomy of the “Scriptures! Wow!!! Wait…you mean he’s coming to town, I’ll meet him?”
“Hahaha, he is in town already Zora! And he’s here  with His friend Akin-Ojo
“Unbelievable!!! What!!!! You mean they’re both in town already???? Oh…. mi gosh!”
“Here they come Zora”
Afar off I could see a group of young people like myself. They were all handing out fliers to people and they had this glow of joy around them. Then!! I saw something strange. I had never seen a sight like this before. They were all dripping….dripping blood. It was as if they’ve been dipped in it. I wanted to be afraid but I couldn’t…there was something so comforting about the way they looked drenched in blood. I didn’t know if others saw it, but I did see. It was blood alright. Well…just as it had appeared, it vanished, and I saw them in normal clothing. It was then that I knew what it was.
“Hey was that the blood of Jesus I saw on them”
“Yes it was Zora, the blood that takes away the sins of the world, the blood that makes you whole.”
“Hello, my name is Mirabella with a double Ella, and these are my friends, Maro, Elfrida, Judith, Alberta and Godwin. We are from the Faculty of The MouldBreak institute of Change and we would like to invite you for joint Summit. So will you come? Say you’ll come already!!!
“Say you’ll come” they all chorused in a sing song manner as they made a circle around me. I could feel the love radiating from these people. It was palpable, I could touch it. It was intense, yet so gentle. It was furious, yet so kind. I broke down in tears and they all hugged me. How it happened I do not know, but I joined them in sharing the fliers.
The girl Mirabella was a Bouncing bubbly bundle of fun. I loved her from the word go. In fact….she had me at hello!
Elfrida had her hair in a bun….beautiful young lady. She was as I would later come to find out a master chef!
Godwin was tall, he had the eyes of the orients. He was a techie and could dance very well! I know right?? A techie who can dance! Lol
Judith was smallish….she had a warm smile…her voice was simply amazing… was like liquid fire!
Maro..her smile and laughter resonated with me on a deep level. She could write so well.
Alberta…the young CEO of Roselle, a company which makes drinks, she could also sing and her hair…..I just wanted it! Hahaha.
Well, I went for Joint Summit, Moyo Akin Ojo laid hands on me and prayed. I didn’t feel a thing but I knew without the shadow of a doubt that I was healed. I went home after Joint Summit and went about my life as if nothing had happened. Suffice to say that its been a year now for someone who had three months to live and I am alive, married to a good man and I have a beautiful son.
This is living now. Christ and Him Crucified.
This is…….My Testimony!

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