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Keep your skin supple

Most black women lack the idea and significance of facial touching. Using expensive products and nutrition may not help you achieve a supple skin, if you do not know how to touch your face. It is important that you know how delicate the skin is and also know how to approach it with a clean hand. Pamper the face by cleaning it and applying toner or blending it with moisturizers and other similar products. Always use a clean hand on your face because it would prevent dirt and bacteria, which can cause skin infection, such as eczema and blemishes.

You need to apply a touching hand technique in applying cream on your face in a circular motion, moving outward from the chin to the hairline, not touching around the eye. This direction reduces stress and would not work against your facial muscles and skin. This is because the eye muscles are suspended from the temple to the nose. That area has the thinnest layer of epidermal skin. And if pressure is applied in that area, it could make eye bags show faster. It is advisable to clean with the weakest finger, which is the ring finger. The face should be cleansed from outer temple inwards towards the bridge of the nose. If done in the opposite direction, it could stretch the skin and muscles thereby causing damage.

Other parts of the face could be cleansed with cotton swaps, while using the finger tips of the first three fingers. Gentle touch to ones skin helps to stimulate and make blood rush upwards to the surface. It replenishes the skin, thus sending away impurities and leaving behind a glowing skin. It applies to all skin types, except for oily skin which frequent massaging could make oily.

Skincare and maintenance tools

It is important to know what to use to keep your skin supple and clean, outside touching. Women should use the following to care for their faces.

Face cloths

The use of face cloths is very important in caring for the face. Attention should be paid to the quality of face cloths used in cleaning the face. Some of these face cloths after being wet from previous use dries and harden overnight. It turns into a myriad of hard little bristles and when used for the face again, may result in visible and invisible bruises. It leaves cuts in the outer layer of the skin, particularly around the eyes. This practice often abuses the skin. Naijavoxpop skincare therapist is advising that you use only pure cotton face cloths from known cosmetic stores and use gently as described earlier.

Facial brushes

Endeavor to apply good facial brushes in tending to your face. Avoid rubber facial brushes, as it may cause friction burn to your skin.

Cosmetic Swabs

Use good quality cotton swabs. However, it is safer to use your hand under the best hygienic condition.

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