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Rivers. Photo: nigerdelstars

Rivers State a home of hospitality, apart from being called the treasure base of the nation. The state has 23 LGA’s and over 300 villages. The state has both Riverine communities and Upland communities, and these various communities have their unique culture that can generate revenue for the state during cultural festival. The state has numerous natural resources but the most recognized one is crude oil. Despite the availability of resources in the state, we also have a tourist beach along Borokiri axis of the state that was created in 1998.

This beach is a manmade beach with serene environment, white sand and filled with coconut trees. The beach also has local restaurants inside. Apart from that, they also have boats for boat ride and other beautiful natural landscape. This beach over the years was a major center of attraction and really generated revenue for the state and local residents in the area. It created job opportunities and gave tourist the sense of belonging in the state. Despite, the purpose the beach was created for, it has suffered neglect from government and is no longer meeting the demand of tourists in the state. We also have the Port Harcourt Zoo situated at Trans Amadi area of the state. This Zoo was created by the administration of the first military governor of the state, King Alfred Diette-Spiff in 1974, This also was another site of attraction with wild lives of various species in it. It attracted visitors from far and near and created a social sense of belonging in the state, it was a site for excursion for students. However, today, the Zoo has lost his significance in the state due to lack of maintenance and proper attention from the state. Like the Tourist beach.

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