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Skin types. Photo credit: stylecaster

It is important that you know your skin type to be able to use the appropriate skin care remedies. Understanding how to clean your face would only make sense if you know what kind of skin you have, so as to be able to know what kind of soap or cleansing tools you need to use. Using the right product is very essential in keeping a healthy and supple skin.

Put together what you know about your skin and go for skin care products that are suitable for your skin.

Factors affecting determining skin conditions

There are different types of skin, from soft to dry. Some of these skin types changes as a result of the impact of  the weather, like becoming drier or oilier during summer, winter or spring. Also a woman’s skin could change due to menstrual cycle, dieting, taking alcohol, and smoking or from birth control pills. Aging is also a critical factor.

How to know your skin type

Checking for your skin type is like fashion designing, where a particular pattern and design is made for you and changes when your body does.

Your skin type can be ascertained during the beginning of each weather season.

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