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All Hail king Nmandi Kanu

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Nmandi Kanu being bowed to by his followers

Pictures have surfaced on the internet of members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) paying homage to their leader, Nnamdi Kanu, who was recently released on bail from government detention.

All hail king kanu

This has elicited reactions from several respondents, who are of the view that civilization has outlived such practices. They said that Nmandi Kanu should not turn himself into a deity, asking if this is the kind of leadership he wants to provide to the people of Biafra, one of servitude and slavery? Their fear is that with this kind of attitude he can even order his followers to be flogged publicly or even relinquish their wives to him…. even order for them to be hanged or burnt alive. Continue reading

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House on fire. Photo: window search/bing

A house in Oasis estate in Rukpakwulusi, Port Harcourt is on fire right now. Residents said that the State Fire Service is yet to come to their rescue. People are agitated over the absence of the Fire Service. They said that they have been waiting for the past two hours for Fire service all to no avail.




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Efficient waste management

Waste management is a great challenge for many cities in Nigeria; the situation has been aggravated by the rise in population in the country. According to the Population Pyramid, Nigeria’s population is expected to reach 262,599,107 million by 2030.

Waste overflowing into the waters. photo: stelladimokokorkus

Currently, Nigeria is battling a humongous waste management problem. Most people believe that it would be an irredeemable disaster by 2030. Bio-energy Consult noted that Nigeria’s huge population size of 170 million is responsible for it being the highest producer of solid waste in the African continent. It generates 32 million tons of solid waste annually. Only a minimal fraction of 32 percent is collected. Others end up in sewers and drainage works.  Rivers and estuaries have been found to accommodate a sizeable amount of waste deposit. And one environmental implication of this development is that the flooding of the river banks, is threatening the lives and properties of many people living within the riverine communities. Continue reading

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photo: worldbank

The poor economic fortunes of Nigeria have disorganized cross-sectoral and cross-specialism linkages in the economy. For the first time in 25 years, the economy contracted by 1.5 percent. The economic indicators were quite troubling with fallen oil prices, shortage of currency for fuel imports and a spike in lending rates (14 percent).  The contraction led to the loss of many jobs in both service and producing sectors of the economy.  The question remains how can companies survive in such an economy that seems unpredictable?

Companies need to readjust their systems to remain competitive by applying strategic change management practices. Smart business designs must be initiated with the right emotional commitment and right mix of skill sets to achieve maximum results.

The re-evaluation of management strategies is a sure way to resolve the ongoing market depreciation and instability. Activities should be streamlined by applying cost management practices, as well as improve service delivery. It is important that companies place emphasis on leadership flexibility, delegation of authority, industrial democracy and employee involvement in decision making. It would help promote a result oriented business culture, that would transform organizations into effective and efficient entities.

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Former Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amechi.

The Appeal Court in Port Harcourt has dismissed the appeal suit filed by the former Governor of Rivers State and now Minister of Transport, Rotimi Amaechi that the probe panel of enquiry set up by the Rivers State Government in 2015 did not give him fair hearing.

However, the three justices averred that former Governor Amaechi denied himself the right to fair hearing after refusing to appear before the probe panel. That there was nothing wrong with the constitution of the probe panel, as it was done in line with the law.

Furthermore, they said that Amaechi failed to prove the the case of bias against the panel.

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Uber emerged from the ashes of the 2008 global economic crisis, but today, it is one of the most successful tech companies in the world valued at $66 billion. According to the CNBC, the “clever resource integration” on the part of its founders, serial entrepreneurs Travis Kalanick and Garret Camp revolutionized the public transport system in many countries, bring unused stockpile of personal automobiles, a large pool of potential drivers, through a digital ecosystem that can be accessed on a smartphone, Lusch averred.”

Uber is bringing new experience and opportunities to clients across the globe. It takes a touch of a button to request for a pick up, meeting a transport need. Hitherto, people have to wait longer periods for their transport request to be fulfilled, but today there is a network of drivers that are everywhere, even by your corner. Its technology is bringing businesses together and reducing unnecessary waiting time for riders. The company presently operates in 81 countries, which includes South Africa and Nigeria. Uber’s operation in Lagos is about three years old. During this period, its operation in the most populated African city has seen some changes which have come with some challenges. Continue reading

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Is Port Harcourt International Airport still the worst in the world?

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Unending rehabilitation of the Port Harcourt International Airport

According to the UK independent, the Port Harcourt International Airport was rated in a survey conducted for 26,000 fliers as the worst in the world in 2015. This development drew a lot of reactions and condemnation from the public, considering the huge investment potentials of the oil rich city of Port Harcourt. Rivers State has over 11 crude oil terminals, Liquefied Natural Gas Company, several depots, two refineries and a petrol chemical plant. The various multi-national oil companies have their operations bases in Port Harcourt. Air France flies from Port Harcourt to Charles De Gaulle, Paris because of its French interests in TOTAL Nigeria.

In November 2016, the Minister of State for Aviation, Hadi Sirika, said that the Federal Government would do all it can to complete the rehabilitation of the airport. He revealed that a variation had be done for the refurbishment of the airport terminal building phase II from N746,830,782.12 to N1,411,662,855.67. Continue reading

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Opebi Allen Avenue, Nigeria’s sex city

The criminalization of sex work in Nigeria has failed to reduce the number of people who engage in sex trade. Reports reveal that more and more girls continue to exchange sex for money.

Prostitution as a profession is as old as existence, cutting across national boundaries. It is fueled by the lack of socio-economic opportunities. Proceeds from sex trafficking has made it lucrative and tempting for many criminal syndicates. The sex trade is worth over $32 billion (ILO 2005). Victims of sex trafficking have been put through terrible and exploitative conditions. Continue reading

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Sex workers waiting for customers. Photo: Dailypostng

Many young girls have been driven into the sex trade, as a result of lack of socio-economic opportunities in Nigeria. Find below excerpts of an interview conducted by Naijavoxpop with a sex worker at Opebi Allen, Ikeja, Lagos.

What is your name?

My name is Cecilia.

How old are you?

I am 25 years old.

Where are you from?

I am from Ogun State, though my mother is from Auchi in Edo State.

Tell me something about yourself.

I am from a family of six and I am the last child. My father died when I was two months and twenty seven days. I lost my mother when I was thirteen years old. Even before my mother died, I had to take care of her because she was sick. We returned to the village from Lagos shortly after my mother fell ill.

When I was ten years old, I would go to the farm to extract latex from rubber trees all in an attempt to get money to buy drugs for my sick mother. I was the only one taking care of her; my siblings were not forthcoming with any help. Many people felt I was the only child, especially because I was the only one with her at home, only those who knew my mother in Lagos know that I had other siblings.

However, my mother finally died after suffering from a protracted illness and this was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. We all went our separate ways. The ideology of my siblings was that of all man for himself, since nobody sent them to school, they were not interested in the education of another.

I didn’t get help from any of them, I had to consider taking to the street because I was so determined to do something with my life by going to school. It was through my street life that I was able to purchase a General Certificate Examination (GCE) form to write my secondary school exam and get admission into the University.

How did you manage going to school and at the same time selling your body?

The truth is that it wasn’t easy because I had to leave school for a while to go and hustle. That was how I was able to finish school. Interestingly, I am the only graduate in my house.

How did you start prostituting?

When I came to Lagos to meet my elder brother, I told him I wanted to go to school. When I came, he was very happy because we had not seen for many years. However, the very day I told him I wanted to go to school, all hell broke loose. I wish I had not told him. After then, he stopped giving me N100 which I used get from him as chop money. I persisted and got enrolled in a GCE class. He didn’t know how I was attending lessons talk less of buying books. In addition, he was not giving me food to eat. I have a scar on one of my foot today because of hunger. I was so hungry at lesson one afternoon when my teacher called me to come and eat banana because I was so hungry I jumped out of my seat without taking note of a protruding nail on the chair, which torn my flesh. It was really painful.

Finally, my brother drove me out of his house after 3 months of arriving Lagos. He said that I should go back to the village and I told him who I am going to meet there, since our parents are dead. I was living on the streets. It took me another 3 months living on the streets with nowhere to lay my head. At night, I would look for a secluded corner to spread my wrapper on the floor and sleep with one eye open. I even slept in front of people houses.  Thank God I wasn’t molested during that period, by drug addicts and criminals. I was not scared of being abused. My worst fear was that I did not know where my next meal would come from. Continue reading

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