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Healthy skin. Photo credit: naturesoft

Having a healthy skin has everything to do with nutrition. The several experiments conducted have shown that the intake of food high in fat impact negatively on ones skin. This is because the fat is stored in several wrong places in the body, which include stomach and the hips. Eating food with high fibre content like nut fruits, cereals, beans and vegetables and drinking a lot of water would improve the overall health of an individual and make his or her skin supple. These foods are essential for the necessary vitamins and minerals needed for the overall health of the body. Continue reading

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Jubilee arcade

The long awaited Pleasure Park built by the Rivers State Government to commemorate Rivers at 50 was on Friday formally commissioned by the former Governor of Rivers State, Peter Odili.

According to officials of Julius Berger Construction Company who built the Park, the facility would promote recreation and integration in Rivers State. The Manager of the Company commended Governor Nyesom Wike for his foresight and leadership in initiating and completing the project.

Garden Tower

Boats for the Pleasure lake

Artificial lake

The Park has the capacity to accommodate 150 cars, it has shops, a restaurant, artificial lake and 10 boats that can carry 50 persons at a time. The site also boasts of a garden tower with a capacity of 130 persons. A worker at the Park said that “at the end of walking round the garden tower, you must have completed 10 miles walk, which is good for the health of many people.” Visitors at the Park, described the project has a flagship for tourism in the region.

While addressing the people who came for the event, Governor Nyesom Wike said that the Pleasure Park would meet the leisure, as well as the health and physical fitness needs of the people of Rivers State. He enjoined the people of the state who go outside the state to seek entertainment to comeback with their children to experience the rebirth of tourism in the state. He also said that plans are underway to establish a cinema and increase the play grounds to three to accommodate more children. Continue reading

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HISTORY OF BEAUTY: African Cultural Perceptions

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During the Greek period, beauty was synonymous with its intrinsic characteristics, such as loyalty, harmony and virtue. The discovery of the art of painting and sculpting led people to begin to place emphasis on facial and body beauty. Certain features in a person or objects were used to identify beauty in people, such as hair, nose, skin, colour and body shape. These elements were used to judge how beautiful a lady was.

In Western Europe, the definition of human beauty assumed a more complex study. Women were regarded as sexual predators because of their stunning and voluptuous look. The religious disapproved of this trend because the increasing attraction by men for buxom women was regarded as moral indiscipline. The medieval age felt it connoted a new evil.

Tudor beauty

The movement from the attraction of fleshy and sexy women started in the Tudor era. Elizabeth I, daughter of King Henry VIII felt women should be pale and skinny. This was borne out of the dislike for voluptuous or rounded women, as their massive curves, make ups and jewelries were regarded sinful by the Puritans.

However, EUROSCIENCE stated that the Renaissance throw up a new obsession for beauty as nudity became its rallying symbol. Most art portraits, such as that of Leonardo Ginevra exquisitely illustrated his obsession with nudity. Continue reading

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Tribute to Boma Erekosima, Alias Country Man

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Boma Erekosima

Boma Erekosima was a fine gentleman whose captivating voice powered the melody of the air waves. He is popularly referred to as the ‘King of Talk Radio’ at station Radio Rivers 2fm Stereo. Boma always begins his show “News in Pidgin English” at 11am and 6:30pm with this introduction: “Country people, na the thing wey dey happen for this we country I wan tell una so. The person una dey hear him voice na Boma Erekosima” “Monkey smart monkey smart na because tree near tree.” – Boma Erekosima’s Quotes… Continue reading

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His Royal Majesty, King Alfred Diette-Spiff : King and Servant

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King Diette-Spiff, first Military Governor of Rivers State

Rivers State at 50 celebrates His royal highness King Alfred Diette-Spiff, its First Military Governor.

His Royal Majesty, King Alfred Diette-Spiff in May 1967 was appointed the first Military Administrator of the newly created Rivers State at age 25.

He held office from May 1967 until July 1975 during the military administration of Yakubu Gowon. He was also a member of the Supreme Military Council. King Alfred Diette-Spiff numerous achievement as governor of Rivers State stands him out. The socioeconomic, educational, and infrastructural revolution in Rivers State started in his period as military administrator. He executed several projects which include the College of Science and Technology (Rivers State University of Science and Technology), and the School of Nursing and Midwifery. Several Teacher training colleges were created, including a School of Health Technology. He would forever be remembered as the one that gave River State an architectural master piece of a State Secretariat, which is yet to be rivaled in the region. Continue reading

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Agbani Darego, the quintessential beauty queen

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Agbani Darego, former Miss World and her husband Ishaya, Theophilus Danjuma. Photo credit: Bellanaija

As part of our Rivers State golden jubilee celebration series, we remember one of Rivers and the nation’s prettiest queens, Agbani Asenite Darego. She  hails from Abonnema in Rivers state.

In 2001 just before her 19th birthday she clinched the title of becoming the First African and Nigerian to be crowned Miss world. Continue reading

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Sahara Group Chairman, Mr.Tonye Cole blazing the trail

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Sahara Energy CEO, Tonye Cole

Oil and Gas Council has announced Mr. Tonye Cole, Executive Director and Founder of the Sahara Group, as the winner of its Lifetime Achievement Award for Africa Energy Awards.

Tonye Cole as an innovator, thought, and business leader has over the last 21 years built a leading African power, energy, gas and infrastructure conglomerate and was rightly recognized by the judges for his commitment to the provision of energy across Africa as well as his business agility and commitment to philanthropy.

The Council’s Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes Cole’s individual role and Sahara Group’s corporate role in promoting inclusive economic growth for poverty eradication, capacity building, food security and access to potable water in Africa.

The award will be presented to Mr Cole at this year’s Africa Energy Awards in Paris on the 13th & 14th of June at the first evening of Africa Assembly in Paris and  is an opportunity to recognize this year’s best performing companies and executives on the African continent as well as those who have achieved excellence, pioneered new frontiers, inspired others throughout their activities and achieved growth in challenged markets. Continue reading

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Celebrating the Essence of a True Rivers Man : High Chief, Dr. O.B Lulu-Briggs

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High Chief, Dr. O.B Lulu-Briggs

As we celebrate Rivers at 50, it is important to mention one of its finest son’s. We present to you High Chief, Dr. O.B Lulu-Briggs.

Born on the island of Abonnema in Rivers State. High Chief Dr. O.B Lulu-Briggs describes his upbringing like a fairy tale.

“We fished, danced, sang in the choir, chased the great masquerades and learnt so many crafts, and listened to a lot of folklore and history.”

He is an Elder Statesman, founder of oil exploration company Moni Pulo Ltd. High Chief, Dr. O.B Lulu-Briggs was the vice chairman of the defunct National Party of Nigeria (NPN), the dominant political party in Nigeria from 1979 to 1983. He was also named as one of the 10th richest Nigerians in 2014 with an estimated net worth of $500 million. Continue reading

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BELEMA OIL: A flagship in youth and community development in Rivers State

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CEO BELEMA OIL, Mr. Tein, Jack Rich Junior

The Niger Delta region today continues to relish the great contributions of its sons, such as Adaka Boro, Ken Saro Wiwa, and Professor Claude Ake. This is because of their notable achievements in their various fields of endeavor, from politics to economy. They have become rallying points for youth activism in the area. Ken Saro Wiwa and Professor Claude Ake would continuously be remembered for their indefatigable struggle for social justice in the Niger Delta region, even at the expense of their lives. They protested the various injustices meted out against their people by multinational oil companies in collaboration with the federal government during the 1990’s. Ken Saro Wiwa was executed by the late military junta, Gen.Sani Abacha. Their heroic achievements remain fresh and indelible.

With the coming of democracy in May 1999, the expectations of the youths in the Niger Delta were that of good and inclusive governance which would enable young people achieve their aspirations for better life. However, the turnout of events in Rivers State have made the youths more than ever disillusioned because they are not involved in the scheme of things. Politicians have found the youths useful tools for assassination and political thuggery. It is no gain saying that the upsurge in violence in the area is largely attributed to politicians, as a result of their desperation to occupy public offices. Some respondents, who are also youths told Naijavoxpop that many politicians were sending their children to the Harvard and Oxford of this world to receive university education, but are busy arming the children of the poor to fight their perceived enemies. They stated that after the enthronement of democracy in 1999, hell was let loose. That it was the origin for the promotion of cultism in the state, which later became the bedrock for the recruitment of militias for the Niger Delta militancy. It is a common thinking among youths in the state, that their leaders have lost the bigger picture and opportunity to promote a mutually shared aspiration of development for all peoples’ in the state.  This is in spite of the fact, that the state has the mineral resources to birth another Dubai. Continue reading

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