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Workers arriving the Yakubu Gowon Stadium, Port Harcourt for the May Day celebration

On May 1st 2017, the three main labour unions in Nigeria celebrated the numerous achievements and contributions of the Nigerian worker with pomp and pageantry. To mark the event, rallies and marches were held and keynote addresses delivered by state governors, public officials and labour union leaders nationwide.

The history behind May Day celebration dates back to May 1, 1886 when labour unions in the United States went on strike to demand that workers should not work more than 8 hours a day. Workers Day was later celebrated in Chennai, India on May 1, 1923. Sadly, this year’s celebration was marked by violence and demonstration across the globe. Many attribute it to the economic nightmare workers are going through, especially in Nigeria. The Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr. Chris Ngige was prevented from giving his May Day address to workers. Those at the event said that many of the workers hushed the Minister down because they were disenchanted with the prevailing living conditions. Nigerian workers are least paid in the West African sub-region. The minimum wage in Nigeria is N18, 000 ($38), Cote Divoire 36,607CFA ($72), Chad $120, and Cameron 36,270 ($75). Even in war ravaged Libya $430 (N190, 000).http://NIGERIA’S POOR AND THE PRIVATIZATION OF THE COMMON WEALTH Continue reading

‘Poor customer service is killing businesses in Nigeria’ – Nigerian News Headlines Today | Breaking Newspapers News

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Poor customer service can actually kill businesses and we have many businesses that have been killed. We have seen many examples in the airline sector. Unless organisations in Nigeria prioritise a strong customer service culture and put customer first in product as well as service delivery, projected economic growth in the country may remain bleak, …

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MTN disengages 280 staff – Daily Post Nigeria – BREAKING NIGERIAN NEWS-NIGERIAN NEWS 360

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Telecommunications giant, MTN has disengaged 280 of its employees in Nigeria​. ​Staff​ affected include some 200 permanent employees and about 80 contract staff across various cadres, ranging from new graduates to senior managers‎​. ​Many had 15 years with the company having joined MT​N after it opened office in ​Nigeria in 2001. ​It was gathered that…

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Is life for long-term HIV survivors far worse than we want to admit?

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Last December I attended the most moving, transcendent World AIDS Day program I have witnessed in years. That’s not saying much, of course. These evenings are usually well-meaning but maudlin, featuring tearful eulogies while we hold up candles that drip on our fingers as we revisit personal losses that I put to rest a long time ago. Okay, clearly I have issues with grief.


But this event, organized by long-term AIDS survivor Sean McKenna in New York City, inspired and reawakened something in me. The program featured speakers and entertainers (this is New York, after all) who rose above the perfunctory nature of these events and made it something truly beautiful. It ached with loss, yes, but it also had an emotional honesty that never felt melodramatic. And it made me want to know Sean McKenna better.


I tend to present my life with joy and good humor (and let’s face it, I have never had a challenging emotion that wasn’t worth stuffing down as far as possible). Sean, on the other hand, wants us to face the harsh realities of today’s long-term survivors. He has sent me messages to chastise me for painting too rosy a picture. He puts me on the defense a lot. In other words, Sean McKenna does exactly what a good advocate should do. He bears witness and holds people accountable.


In my interview with Sean, we wrangle over our different styles, the purpose of AIDS history, whether fear is a useful tool, and his insistence that life today for long-term survivors is far worse than any of us are acknowledging

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